The Southern Arizona Hiking Club
Exploring the Mountains, Canyons & Trails of Southern Arizona for Over 60 Years
Exploring the Mountains, Canyons & Trails of Southern Arizona for Over 60 Years


Membership in Southern Arizona Hiking Club (SAHC) is open to anyone interested in hiking, and willing to abide by the Code of Conduct below.

The membership year runs from October 1 through September 30 for all club members. Those who join prior to July 1 will have their membership expire on September 30 of the current year. For those who join on or after July 1, the membership will expire September 30 of the following year instead. So if you join today for 1 year, then your membership will expire on September 30, 2024.

A one-month Temporary Membership is also available through the online application. An additional family member can also be included.

Code Of Conduct

I want to preserve the outdoors for the full enjoyment of others, and I will:
  • Respect all public and private property.
  • Leave all gates as found unless signed otherwise.
  • Build fires in a safe place and make sure they are put out before leaving.
  • Carry out my litter, including apple cores, banana skins, and orange peels.
  • Preserve wildlife and not contaminate any water supply.
  • On a trail hike, stay on trail and not cut switchbacks.
I will conduct myself in such a manner as not to impair the safety, health, or enjoyment of others and myself, and I will:
  • Accept the leadership and instructions of the guide.
  • Bring no pets or firearms.
  • Not participate in any outing which is beyond my physical capability.
  • Bring food, water, clothing and equipment which is appropriate for each outing.
  • Leave no one behind by always waiting for the hiker behind me at all trail junctions, water crossings, snow and other difficult sections of the hike.

To join, fill out the online form and submit your payment. Or alternatively, you can print, fill out, and mail in a paper application along with your dues.