The Southern Arizona Hiking Club
Exploring the Mountains, Canyons & Trails of Southern Arizona for Over 60 Years
Exploring the Mountains, Canyons & Trails of Southern Arizona for Over 60 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hike as a group?

Besides the comraderie of making new friends, you'll also have the benefit of safety in numbers. If say you run out water or accidentally twist your ankle, then someone can give you extra water or go and seek out help. Can't do that when you're solo hiking.

Are there any hikes for beginners?

The club offer hikes of varying difficulty levels, from easy flat walks around to park to long hikes with lots of elevation gain. Just know your limits, and choose hikes with a difficulty level that that you're comfortable with.

Are reservations required for hikes?

Unless the hike description says otherwise, the majority of club hikes do not require a reservation. Simply show up at the designated meeting spot just prior to the designated meeting time to meet the guide and sign in for the hike.

What time do hikes typically start?

The starting time for hikes can vary depending on a variety of factors. But as a rule of thumb, hotter summer months, long driving distances, and long hiking distances generally equate to earlier start times.

Does the club still do hikes over the hot summer months?

If you look at our calendar, you'll see that we have hikes every month, including the summer months. We may start hikes a little earlier or a little higher so that it's cooler, but we still have hikes nonetheless.

Are pets allowed on hikes?

Due to liability reasons, pets are prohibited on club hikes.

Can I bring kids along on a hike?

Absolutely! As long as the hike is within their physical abilities, they're more than welcome to come.

I filled out an online application, but have yet to receive a member number?

If you've successfully filled out the online application and submitted payment for your membership dues, then you should receive an email receipt with an invoice ID. You can use the invoice ID along with your email address to track the status of your application on our tracking page.

What items should I bring on a hike?

Bring along your membership number so that you can sign in for the hike with the guide. As for gear, other than a good pair of hiking boots or hiking shoes, water! We live in a desert and the majority of the hiking locations in our state have little or no potable water sources. If you expect to be out all day, or expect the temperatures to be high, then bring extra. It's always better to have extra water than it is to run out when you need it. Some of the other items that you can bring on a hike are the following:

Where can I find my member number?

After you've logged into the members area, you can find your member number in the following locations:

Can I bring a friend along on a hike as a guest?

Guests are more than welcome to attend a few hikes with the club. Just let the guide know at meeting spot that they're a guest so that they can sign the Guest Sign-in Sheet and Liability of Waiver.

How can I check whether my online payment went through or not?

Upon a successful payment, you should receive an email receipt directly from PayPal that contains an invoice ID. This ID can also be used to track whether your payment reached us or not.

When will access to the members area be granted?

Depending on the availability of our staff, applications can be processed within minutes or within a day or two. You will receive emails containing member numbers along with instructions for setting up accounts in the members area. If you don't hear back from us within 48 hours, then please feel free to contact us.

How can I find out when my membership will expire?

Once you've logged into the members area, click on your name in the upper right and select Settings. On that page, you can view the expiration date of all members in your household.

What if I have a question that's not answered here?

If you have a question that's not answered here, then please contact us. We're more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Note: Additional member-related questions can be found in the Members Area